Thursday, November 4, 2010

Really Chesters???

Really Chester's??? Were you really able to take my order, cook my meal and bring it to me in less than 8 minutes from the time I ordered it without using a heat lamp or microwave??  Really?? I mean, I ordered pasta, so I guess you may have some cooked up noodles standing at the ready... but really? Really Chefs Scott Foster and Derek Jensen?? Is that what you mean by classic American food - it arrives by truck, pre-packaged and frozen ready to be thawed, heated, and served by an army of servers in key lime polo shirts?? 

I'm sorry Chester's, that I've got to call you guys out. I like your patio in the summer, I like your comfy booths in the winter (nice upholstery choice btw), and I like your bar for after work happier hour. But half your menu tastes like a yuppified version of Olive Garden or Chili's (No, dear readers, those are not good restaurants... those are dine-in fast food restaurants).

My advice for Chester's - embrace the local food movement - you live in the middle of America's farmland for pete's sake! Try to make half your menu seasonal and from scratch. This fellow might have some ideas for you: Jamie Oliver

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